My Monthly To Do List: August 2017

Is it August already? That means baby Luke is nearly 5 months old and as much time has passed since I last wrote here. I’m working on his birth story, which I’ll be sharing soon, but let’s just say all the things they say about your heart doubling in size once you have your second child is true. The whole family is finally reaching a good routine together (thank you, sleep training) and feeling settled in our new home. Moving has provided so much creative inspiration for me, which I hope to share with all of you here, one room at a time. To have a new blank canvas on which to decorate and create makes my heart soar so high. After a hazy postpartum period, I can tell I’m feeling much more like my old self again…or rather more of who I’ve always been.

And on that note, a lot of my August to-dos have to do with continuing to make progress on our new house. Here’s what I’m focusing on this month:

August To Do List-

  • Finish the back cottage, which doubles as my home office and our guest room: hang pendant, mirror, sconces, wall hooks, and gallery wall
  • Get a quote for painting the exterior of the back cottage (the rest of the house needs it too, but that’s a larger project and will have to wait).
  • Order custom corkboard for my office inspiration board
  • Have electrician install a junction box in the boys’ room so we can hang our new RH pendant
  • Schedule photo shoot of the boys’ room. (We partnered with RH Baby & Child and the reveal will be in the November issue of Rue.)
  • Print a few family photos for the display board in Benjamin and Luke’s room
  • Select artwork for above our buffet table in our dining area. I’m talking to my dear friend and artist, Emily Johnston about a new piece.
  • Organize my fabric swatches in the office
  • Tour/apply to two more preschools for Benjamin (he’ll start in September 2018). We are already on the waitlist for one.
  • Frame the two prints I have for the kitchen
  • Start our wedding album (4 years later!). At this pace, maybe I’ll have it done by Christmas.

I’ll stop there. Though the list could go on and on, especially for the house, I need to remember to pace myself. After all, these things take time.


Interior Design: John Pawson, Photography: Gilbert McCarragher

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  1. gregory 8/7/17 at 9:32 pm

    Thanks for sharing your monthly to-do list.